Victoria Secret


Market Entry Strategy

Greenkern developed a market-entry brand strategy for Victoria’s Secret by evaluating brand challenges, market realities and interest groups. While the brand is renowned all across the world and also promised to bear huge potential in China, it faced an image distortion due to unofficial communication and sales channels as well as various copycats.

Based on this and other crucial insights, Greenkern defined a unique opportunity for Victoria’s Secret to own an exclusive (blank) space in the lingerie market.

In order to occupy such space and win the hearts and minds of women in China, Greenkern developed a 360° creative communication and distribution campaign that leveraged a unique and engaging storytelling approach. A series of activities on various owned and branded channels, both online and offline, was mapped out to ensure brand exposure & consistency. These creative, buzz-driven & digital-focused campaign platforms were what allowed Victoria’s Secret to ‘Spread its Wings across China’.