Volkswagen China


AI Personality Development

Influencing industries all across the board, the mobility industry particularly experiences an increasing importance & impact of AI. This affects not only a automotive company’s offerings (such as AD) and data management, but also offers the opportunity for consumer-facing AI avatars that are used to enhance a seamless user experience and enable a strong emotionalisation of the car, its technology, and the overall driving experience.

With this in mind, Greenkern was tasked with developing a high-level strategy for a VGC-owned AI personality. 

This included the benefits for VGC of owning an AI personality, the role such AI personality would play as well as three initial ideations for AI personality directions. Built on extensive systematic research, particularly of the AI avatar landscape and its reception in China, Greenkern introduced a VGC-owned AI personality. 3 directions on look and feel, personality traits as well as a high-level communication roadmap until 2022 were developed.