Volkswagen Group China


Smart City Project Support for
Overarching Concept Development

Greenkern helped to develop an overarching concept to be presented to the Board of Management. The objective was to introduce a smart city project in Central China to VGC and to present its advantages.

Specifically, Greenkern argued that this project is a great opportunity for future-proofing the organisation in China in regards to the many disruptions and opportunities of the fast-approaching AD era. 

An 8 million inhabitant city of eastern China has been designated by the national government as an innovative smart city pilot project. Greenkern developed the “beyond the 8 square meters” concept, arguing that this pilot project represents the perfect home turf for VGC to develop, showcase, and operate a Smart City eco-system together with strong partners. This included the development of a potential business model and the definition of five work streams comprising responsibility and scope.