China Insights Experiences

Memories of the Future

Looking back on over 12 years in China (and many more in Germany), Greenkern has developed a series of China insight experiences, which comprise one-on-one briefings, experience tours, and workshops. One-on-one briefings can be understood as an informational program that delivers key consumer, market and business insights, helping global business leaders to quickly gain an understanding of the Chinese market and what these learnings might mean for their business. Exhibitions and experience tours are organised for participants seeking to dive into topics, such as Chinese consumers and innovation in China, in a fully immersive way.

Through relatable live experiences, participants truly understand Chinese services and products and are able to link these learnings back to their industry and business organisations.

Another one of Greenkern’s specialties is the development of strategy concepts through workshop sparring sessions together with the client and/or external experts to spark innovation, build synergies inside & out as well as to manage complexity. This is not limited to preparing, moderating, participating and documenting those workshops, but also to finalising findings and implementations in strategy presentations. Topics can range from brand strategy over digitalisation in China to business transformations. Clients that were offered such China insights experiences include members of Volkswagen’s board of management, top managers from the largest Dutch financial companies and Pon Holdings, the biggest transport conglomerate in the Netherlands (among many others).