Brand and Culture as Creators of Identity

Companies often are especially successful when its employees stand behind them and can identify with them. A great and meaningful corporate vision can create the necessary framework for identification and orientation. It‘s an expression of “Why we do what we do“ as well as “Where we want to stand in five to ten years.“

But of course it is not enough to just formulate such a vision – it has to be brought to live in daily routines.

Brand and corporate culture play an important role in this: as bridge builders between today and tomorrow, between the actual and the desired state.

The challenge hereby is this: Both, brand and corporate culture, can‘t just be “managed“ – they need a strong strategic and charismatic leadership. Because culture isn‘t a costume that can be put on from 8am to 6pm. It is the “heart“ of a company and has a fundamental influence on its success as well as its employees‘ satisfaction.

The better the corporate culture is in line with the brand‘s idea and values, the stronger will be the emotional connection of all employees to “their“ company and “their“ brand.

Therefore great brand management is always great employee management also – never just good “management”.